• When? Monday January 21st, 2019. Be there at 11.00!

  • Where? W1-2.93, W1-2.94 and W1-2.95.

  • Effective exam duration? 2 clock hours.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop and power adapter. If you are a Windows user, please make sure you have rebooted your machine quite recently and installed all updates.

How to prepare?


  • Practice, practice and practice

  • Make all exercises again (from scratch)

    • If you have difficulties with an exercise, make it multiple times (always from scratch)

  • Practice without looking up solutions

  • Practice within exam environment using your personal USB stick

    • It’s your responsibility that the exam environment works on your laptop


  • Contact your PRC1 lecturer

  • Visit us

Attend the questions & answers session on Tuesday January 15th at 13.00 (room announced soon)

What to expect?

Four questions

The performance assessment is existing of four questions:
  1. Exercise in which student needs to implement one class with selections (e.g. using if), loops (e.g. using for, while, etc.) and lists (e.g. ArrayList).

  2. Another exercise with various implementation tasks in one class, which includes the use of HashMap.

  3. Exercise focused on inheritance, abstract classes and interfaces.

  4. Exercise about a program with graphical interaction in which components are to be arranged in a specific layout and a ActionListener needs to be defined and added to a button.